Saturday, May 26, 2018

What Is It? A Finish!

Anyone know the name of this applique pattern?
Some time ago, while going through yet more boxes of stuff from my mom's sewing room, I ran across a couple of odd blocks that obviously were her UFOs. This was one of them. I first tossed them into the trash, because really, doesn't it scream ugly 80s? Anyone sill have a blue fabric goose sitting around?

No matter your taste, this will not fit the decor. Sorry. 

But I do have a heart and my heart said, "Momma made this." And the next thing I knew the blocks were in my UFO bin. They languished there for a couple of years. Then I needed some handwork to take along with me while we traveled the Northwest. I decided to pack it, a little afraid it would taint yet another bin. 
Mom's zigzag edges are pretty raw, so
I let my own stitches do whatever they wanted.

Using embroidery thread from last century (much of it also from my mom) I hand-
quilted it in big stitches. I decided early on that nothing could make the block worse, so there was a chance of making it better. 

The pinks of the 1980s...
there's no mistaking them!
I finished the stitching and put it aside to trim out and bind when I got home. It got forgotten. The poor, ugly little thing reappeared last week. Afraid that the rotary cutter, might take out a few stitches, I trimmed it with scissors, found some red gingham, which matches in color but not in size, for binding. 

So it has a warped corner and there are several stains, but I'll hand wash it and maybe it will go on a wall somewhere. Somehow it's grown on me. See, I said there was a chance of making it better. Finished is always better!

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fold, wrap, roll and fold

The last week I've been working in the studio doing a little cleaning and a lot of folding. I started with shelves that looked like this...

 and this...

and this!

However, I've been looking at ways that other quilters organize their fabrics and decided that it's time to take some action. So now they are beginning to look more like this...

And check this out!

Honestly, it's not quite as beautiful as it appears. Well, it looks great, but everything is much too crowded. In fact, an attempt to handle anything means contortions of mind and body to keep stacks of fabric in place rather than on the floor. One wrong move and I'm back to folding the same pieces, again or maybe again two or three times.

I'm working on that, too. Richard added another shelf and I'm moving some fabrics. All of my modern and specialty fabrics will go above the desk where I can see them, and that will open up a bit of space. I'm also considering moving the solids. Then there's this idea...

See how I have two sets of rolled fabric in the pink section? That, I hope, is the ticket. One row of large rolls in the back of the shelf with another row of shorter, smaller rolls in front. Not everything will be rolled. Smaller pieces are folded like fat quarters and stacked. The very small pieces will go into the scrap bins that may (or not) also go on the shelves. So much depends on the amount of space I'll have after everything is rolled and folded and stacked. I don't know that this is the best system, but for now it looks pretty!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pin It Weekly #243

Meet a few followers! Kathy Pearman Slater has a board on bungalows that has the cutest houses. Check these out:

Love this cottage home with the metal roof. I could so see myself sitting on that porch.

Pretty Old Houses: A Bungalow Dream House

Cute bungalow style

Bungalow House Plan chp-55061 at

Deb Coursey's board on journals has over 500 ideas.

Make time in your Bullet Journal for self-discovery and unlock your potential. (scheduled via

Bullet Journal Page Ideas - Routines

130316 ◦ my university bullet journal set up! a lovely anon asked if i could post up my set up so, here we go! “to preface, this is a really simple layout which i had pre-set up during the holidays! i have things laid out so that i have enough space...

Elizabeth Redmon's "Food" board is amazing!

the best baked chocolate donut recipe on

Rainbow veggie pinwheels are made with homemade ranch spread and a variety of fresh veggies for a colorful and healthy lunch, snack or appetizer. #ChooseSmart Ad

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Andrea P. has several boards but "Allsorts" is one of my favorites.

How to make tulle or net pom-pom. This would be good for making hair accessories.

Ideas for Scrapbookers: Another Prima flower Doop

Soak lace doiles in glue, arrange on a blown up balloon, brush on 1 more coat of glue & let dry for at least 24 hrs. Pop balloon, carefully peel away & voila! You have a lace bowl!Taking inspiration from the elongated shapes and clean lines of this season's serene aesthetic, our glass dome duo is perfect for creating a peaceful and calming setting in your home.

Literatura infantil...adivinanzas

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy some of these boards and find pins you want to add to your own boards.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fons and Burns: Catch up now!

Mary Fons (Google Images)
For those of you who do not know, I have kind of an infatuation with Mary Fons. She is a fabulous writer and a cute little thing to boot. With any luck, I'll have an opportunity to shake her hand.

I read her blog, PaperGirl, in fits and starts. I may skip her posts for a month or so, but then I have to catch up with her again. That's when I go back to where I left off and read every article posted in the meantime. It may be that I'm obsessed.

Image result for ken burns
Ken Burns (Google Images)
On my last binge read, I discovered that she had interviewed Ken Burns, a well-known movie director and quilt collector. Part of his now-famous collection was on exhibit at the Quilt House, the exhibition hall of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Unfortunately, the exhibit closed on May 14. However, a free Quiltfolk article on the exhibit and Mary Fons' interview can both be found here:

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Watermelon

Milly turned one year old a few weeks ago and Dusti gave her a birthday party (of course) at our house since, conveniently, no one was sleeping here. All of the kids had just moved out, and we had not moved in.

Milly's party theme: You're one in a melon. Now, how cute is that? There was a watermelon-shaped cake, watermelon-shaped cookies, reds and greens and a few seeds. A precious red tutu! What more could a one-year-old want?

It finally occurred to me that if Pinterest is having an affair with watermelons, it may have a few watermelon quilts. Yes! Are you at all surprised?

original strip piecing table runner pattern on pattern is free.

Quilted Frog - Shop | Category: Quilt Patterns | Product: 6006 CRAZY WATERMELON Quilt

Ahhh...Quilting: Watermelon Wedge Quilt - what a cute summer quilt, with an adorable back!

Watermelon quilt, Log Cabin. I am always amazed at the multitude of effects a quilter can creat with this block! This is very pretty!

Quilted Frog - Shop | Category: Quilt Patterns | Product: 6006 CRAZY WATERMELON Quilt

Summer Watermelon Quilt made by Betsy

watermelon quilt

Watermelon table runner

One quick trip to my "heart, quilts" Pinterest board, and you can see these and almost 8,000 other quilts. Yes, I may have a Pinterest problem. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Dream Wedding

Leta's daughter got married. Leta and I have been friends for three decades. That's a long friendship but especially because we've never had any real disputes. 

Sure we disagree on a few things, and maybe two big things, but those things don't really affect our love for each other. We just work and play well together and have been blessed to call each other friends.

So anyway, Leta had a wedding to put together and an only daughter who knows what she wants. Seriously, there's no playing with Julie. She's as strong-headed as her mom and as serious as her daddy and old enough to not mix words.

Now don't let any of the above get you to thinking any negatives. I actually admire the whole lot of Fletchers. But I love the and daughter are smart, funny, beautiful, determined and, above all, God-fearing. These are the kind of girls I prayed for back when I prayed for daughters of my own. 

This wedding, beautiful and elegant, was perfect for our small town life. It was a grand affair but not so grand that anyone felt out of place. Grand enough that a huge bouquet of flowers and many candles were perfect but either evening dress or church dress would do. The wedding of dreams without being too showy or extravagant.

That's what comes of knowing your mind and where you come from. Our beautiful bride could not have chosen better. Her artist mom was more than capable of filling in the gaps with a flair for fun. Best of all, for me, is that I got to play along.